Tuesday, May 19, 2015

I Didn't Catch a Crappie Mermaid At Pierce Lake

Went out to Pierce Lake at Rock Cut State Park Sunday. My brother had rented a cabin there by the lake, and we all got together and charred meats and hid beers in red cups and threw some fishing lines into the water. None of us was really very serious about fishing that day, but I did take a picture of this fishing chart for the lake.

If anyone has ever pulled a four foot Muskie out of Pierce Lake I'll be a dipsy do. Can't say for sure a fish like that doesn't exist, but I doubt anyone will ever catch one.

It's more likely someone will catch this Black Crappie mermaid before that four foot Muskie
There are two species of Crappie indigenous to North America, black and white. Their favorite habitat is highly vegetated, slightly acidic waters. They are a fish that likes to travel in schools, and will also school with other panfish. They like to congregate in submerged structures, but move out to deeper waters during the day, moving back to shore during dawn or dusk to feed. Crappies don't hibernate during winter, so they are prime targets for ice fishers. The largest crappie ever caught, both black and white, is five pounds. 

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