Friday, May 15, 2015

Muskie Mermaid

Muskie Mermaid by Jenny Mathews

I've never fished. Well, I've been a few times, mostly as a child, and I've been invited a few times since then, but up until now I've never found the prospect that appealing. I suppose I should head across the street to Arnold's License Services soon and get my fishing license. I feel like fishing may be part of my future. I've heard the names of all these fishes Jenny transformed into mermaids in the past.

The Muskellunge, usually referred to as the muskie, is a long, slender fish that is often mistaken for the Northern Pike. Muskies are relatively rare in the United States. The largest muskie ever caught was 67 pounds and was caught in Wisconsin in 1949. Those receiving SNAP benefits would not be able to buy it. They have vicious, needle-like teeth, and no predators except humans. 

Muskies are ferocious predators, extremely elusive, and a challenge for even the most skilled angler. They spend most of their time laying in wait at the bottom of bodies of water. Because they strike so swiftly and violently, the sight of a muskie taking a lure is quite impressive. After catching a muskie it is important to use the right tools to avoid their razor sharp teeth. 

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