Sunday, May 31, 2015

Welcome To Rockford. Play Ball.

They gathered like the street gangs of New York in The Warriors.

These ragged bands of disjointed rebels gathered together to listen to a man speak about the benefits of unity, teamwork, and snack time. But then a shot rang out and it was every gang for itself. Oh, the woebegone LLL mighty midget teeball team that was blamed. Was no place safe for them from now on? Would they ever be allowed to return to their home?

It seemed they would have to fight their way through every rogue gang in the second most violent city in America. There were no rules. There were no boundaries. No police, no authority that could save them from...

The baseball gangs of Rockford. Home of the sock monkey, The Symbol, The Rockford Peaches, and...

Two hundred and fifty thousand of these twat cannons. Welcome to Rockford. Play ball.

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