Saturday, June 27, 2015

I Almost Got My Genesis Abacab Album Home Undamaged

I was very happy when I found this Genesis Abacab album at a local antique mall for two dollars. Until... I tried to buy it and the lady at the counter ripped a large chunk of the album cover off when she took off the sticker. She did exactly the same thing with a Rolling Stones album then joked some guy had lost his marbles earlier in the day when she did it to a videotape. No shit, Sherlock. What does that tell you? Maybe that you work at an ANTIQUE mall and part of the reason people come there is to buy things they consider collectible without some dim bulb destroying them before they can even take them home. On the continuum of tragic things this scores a one out of ten, but since this is one of my favorite Genesis albums, and it was in rather nice condition at  cheap price, I rate at the same level as a hangnail. Annoying, but not deadly. 

Genesis Abacab album

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