Saturday, June 13, 2015

Three Outsider Poems By Thomas L. Vaultonburg

Come For Me

Come for me
In darkness
Like all cowards

Come for me
When I am starved
And deprived of

Come for me when
I am crazed
For want
Of a woman's lips

Come for me
When my days
Have outlasted
The portion in my
Beggar's bowl

Come for me
When I have
Watched the mongrel
Suffer in the ditch

Come for me on
Lorcas's birthday
And Akhmatova's
Wedding night
Or Bastille Day

Come for me
In my darkness
And I will show
You how

I write poetry.

I Am the Bus

I am the bus
In this poem.
It is down to that,
A conveyance.

Are you already
Guessing the metaphor?
Are you already teasing
The punchline?

No, you are wrong.
For in this poem
I am the bus,
Making all my stops.

Social Security Office

The only attractive
Feature in this
Argument for
Germ warfare
Is the exit.

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