Friday, June 5, 2015

Train Station Fighting

train station fighting

I have gotten into a few fights at the train station, it just puts me in the mood for a fight. Fist fights, with blood, and broken teeth, eyebrow gashes. I got feisty at the train station, and it lit a fire in my soul, and I would get rowdy, I would get in peoples faces, shouting at them,

“Why are you leaving me? Why can’t we all just stay here forever? This is to perfect right now, being here with you in this moment. Why are you leaving this moment? Where are you going?”

I felt like I couldn’t breathe, and I jumped in front of the doors of the trains, I groped at women’s scarves as the door closed on the train, I punched men in their faces, and I pleaded for them to stay.

“What’s another fifteen minutes going to hurt you? Come one. This would mean the world to me, just fifteen more minutes, there is another fucking train coming in fifteen minutes. Fuck, come on man, be human, be a fucking human. Just sit here with me for fifteen more minutes, then you could jump on the next fucking train, and get the hell out of town, and never have to see my fucking face again. Fuck”

I took a small child from the arms of an elderly woman.

“Come on sister, I will give you the baby back, just sit here and finish our conversation, we were having a nice conversation, weren’t we? I mean, you said I was a nice boy, and I am, and I will give you the baby back after we are done talking about the bird. You said you loved that bird. You said you loved that bird…”

I fought people, because I cared enough, to sit and listen, sit and listen to their sob stories, and I listened to them whine, and bitch, and moan about their mundane lives. I fought them, because I wanted them to listen, I wanted someone to listen to me, and sometimes the only thing they were willing to listen to was my fist as I punched them in their ears.

They all had places to be, they were all just passing through town, or on their way somewhere, and I would sit and listen to them, and they talked and talked and talked, and they laughed because I made them laugh, because I was a funny and charming man, and I enjoyed making them laugh. I enjoyed their company, very much, and they enjoyed mine, and then that fucking train would come, and it would choo-choo, and they would go about their merry way.

“See you buddy, it was really nice chatting with you. It’s not often you meet someone so charming, and easy to talk to. I hope you have a fantastic day. Bye-bye”




I will fight you.

I will punch you in your heart, and you will sit here, and you will listen to me, because I am a good and decent man, and I deserve to be heard, and I deserve to be loved, and there will always be another fucking train, but there will never be another me.
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