Friday, July 31, 2015

Magic Mouth In the Sun Sayeth The Slack

I don't know any more about slack, or what it is, or where it comes from, than you do. I'm similarly mystified by the magic mouth. I picture this classic rendition of a magic mouth spouting off the lyrics from the Car's song "Gimme Some Slack." 

Gimme Some Slack

I want to shake like Liguardia
Magic mouth in the sun
Train ride to the courtyard
Before you can run
Down at the end of Lonely Street
Where no one takes a walk
Someone lyin' at your feet
And someone's gettin' off

Just gimme some slack, yeah
Just gimme some slack
Just gimme, slack
That's all I want is slack

The seven floors of walkup
The odor musted cracks
And the peeping keyhole introverts
With the monkeys on their backs

And the rooftops strung with frauleins
The pastel pinned up sails
The eighteen color roses
Against your face so pale

A just gimme some slack, that's right
Uh gimme some slack
Gimme, slack, oo yeah
All I want is slack

I want to float like Euripides
All visions intact
I'm alright with Fellini fiends
A trippin' over the track

Down at the end of L-onely Street
Where no one takes a chance
Someone's in the cheap light
Someone wants to dance

Just gimme some slack, that's right
All I want is slack 
Oh, gimme, slack
All I want is slack

Gimme, slack
Songwriters: OCASEK, RIC

All I want is slacks.

Like I said, I don't know as much about slack as I used to, but like Supreme Court justice Potter Stewart, I know it when I don't see it. 

The Cars and their quirky sound kind of blew me away as an adolescent. I have adult friends now who want to start a Dungeons and Dragons group, including a maestro Dungeon Master. Isn't it amazing how things come around and around? Maybe sometimes you were always right the first time. 

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