Thursday, July 2, 2015

Olivia Sucks At outsider Poetry

Sat here blowing ninety minutes after going to a poetry reading earlier tonight. I was trying to redirect a domain I had bought at Google domains to a Blogger blog I had specifically bought the domain to redirect to. No dice. Why the hell this isn't done automatically I haven't a clue. 

Tried to drink a Miller High Life to relax and immediately got a headache. Yay. 

I need a haircut and to write about 450 more words about Outsider Poetry here, but I don't have anything to say. First of all, I'm editing the latest Zombie Logic Press by Dennis Gulling. he told me what the title will probably be at the reading tonight, but I don't remember what he said. 

I woke up as they were tearing the kitchen floor up downstairs. Nothing about my day seemed vaguely poetic after that, including the poetry. I drank a cup of coffee at the reading, my first one in several months, and likely one of the causes of my headache. Then we had dinner at Los Portales and went to the apartment to get an envelope so i could pay my rent and continue to pay the rent at the apartment.

I probably shouldn't eat any more of these cherries Jenny's dad brought over. I think my best bet is another cup of tea and maybe a cardio work out on the Schwinn Aerdyne. Could shake loose I had earlier about being on the undercard of a boxing card. I have a bad habit of using the same work twice in a sentence now. 

They'll be back at it tomorrow morning just as I hit my most solid sleep cycle. I worked pretty hard in June on the idea of Outsider Poetry and what it means to me and why I care about it. But now that I see the first layout of the next book I know it's time to get that project rolling and out there before December. I was invited by Olivia Sucks to contribute to her new website Outsider Poetry, so I'll be writing some words there.  Pin It

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