Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Outsider Poetry On the Pecatonica River

When you're eating a brown banana that has been in your duffle bag god knows how long and trying to contact an actual human being from Comcast to help you install all the cheap plastic devices they just sent you then you really start to know what's important.

When you're floating down the Pecatonica River and your five year old is using your crotch as a resting spot for his restless feet you really become aware of what's important.

Fishing upside down like Scott Walker on the Pecatonica River

I'm going to put a poem here. 

Now that it's September summer has finally arrived here in Illinois. I'm sweating it out without air conditioning in my apartment, knowing full well next week it could be full on winter for nine months. Managed to get a ahold of some employee at Comcast and schedule an appointment, and although the voice was muffled, sometime this year. God forbid I could just call the local service center and speak to someone in this hemisphere. 

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