Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Queen's The Game LP With Original Hype Sticker

What I remember about Queen's "The Game" album coming out in the summer of 1980 is that "Another One Bites the Dust" was omnipresent no matter where you went that summer. WZOK played it every fifteen minutes,so if your family drove to McDonald's and went in, the last thing you heard before you went in was "Another One Bites the Dust," and the first thing you heard when you got back in the car was "Another One Bites the Dust." Then you heard it one more time before you got to grandma's house. Then you heard it two more times on the drive home. Not including the seven times your uncle John played it in between. I've never heard a song played more on the radio.

That said, if you I heard "Another One Bites the Dust" right now, I would turn it up.

Because this is flat out one of the greatest rock and roll albums of all time. My version arrived in the mail today. It's the second time I bought it. Three if you count the compact disk. The first time was in 1980. I know it destroys the value of an album, but I love to see the original price stickers still affixed to the cover. I never understood hype stickers because they often were telling you something was a hit even before it hit the radio, and I didn't understand how something could be a hit before it was released. In this case I don't think "Play the Game" did become a hit from this album. It only hit #42 on the American pop charts, and actually isn't one of my favorite songs on the album. Looking at the song list, I find it to be my least favorite song from the album.
Queen's The Game LP With original Hype Sticker

Side one
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Play the Game"   Freddie Mercury 3:30
2. "Dragon Attack"   Brian May 4:18
3. "Another One Bites the Dust"   John Deacon 3:35
4. "Need Your Loving Tonight"   Deacon 2:50
5. "Crazy Little Thing Called Love"   Mercury 2:44

Side two
No. Title Writer(s) Length
6. "Rock It (Prime Jive)"   Roger Taylor 4:33
7. "Don't Try Suicide"   Mercury 3:52
8. "Sail Away Sweet Sister"   May 3:33
9. "Coming Soon"   Taylor 2:51
10. "Save Me"   May

I find it interesting that each song on the album is attributed to a single songwriter, and that every member of the band contributed at least one song. 
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