Thursday, February 18, 2016

Four "Cute" Watercolors of Aquatic Animals By Jenny Mathews

I want to show these four paintings by my partner Jenny in sequence so you can get the entire picture of what is going on. Every day I wake up after her and I come downstairs and she is almost always painting. A lot of times she is working on a project for clients, but sometimes she is just painting. So, I'll start making a cup of tea and wait. A lot of times she'll paint things in a series. When I first saw this first painting in the series I missed the point. I won't be heavy-handed about what I think these might be about.

The next day I shuffle down the stairs and I see she has finished another piece in a similar style, so I know she's on to a particular theme for a while. Sometimes I'm anxious to check my own mail, get a cup of tea going, and ingest whatever pills and potions my medical team thinks is necessary to keep me going, and I still didn't really get what was going on here.

On day three I got it. You see, I use plastic. When I go to the store and they ask me I say I prefer plastic. There was even a time in the 1990's when I was told in an Environmental Life Science class that in the end it didn't matter what we chose because both created about an equal hazard for the environment. Turns out that's not exactly true, especially not for marine animals. 

Day four

This was the fourth and final piece in this series. Frankly, I'm glad there aren't any more.

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