Tuesday, February 23, 2016

I Wonder What Skullduggery Ross Martin Is Up To Tonight

Did Ross Martin ever not play a bad guy after The Wild, Wild West? I guess he just has one of those faces. He's on McCloud tonight, and although he hasn't done anything nefarious yet, I'm convinced that he will. And get caught at the end.

I think I saw him a few weeks ago on Banicek, trying to match wits with Banicek and generally being an arrogant jerk. 

Anyway, I want to talk about this apple I'm eating. I needed to buy some for the kids at the supermarket over the weekend, and I know they know make apples with actual flavor after decades of red delicious apples that tasted like eating cardboard. The closer I got to the apples the more people swooped in and seemed intent on not moving. Normally when people do this I just go look at something else, but this time I really just wanted to get in there and get some tasty apples and get moving on, so I hung in there. I saw one bag that said Pacific roses, and that sounded tasty, so I grabbed a bag. I'm trying one tonight for the first time, and it's not that great. After a lifetime of expecting apples to taste like pulp I now really get excited about biting into one, but these are very lackluster. 

No moon again tonight. Too much cloud cover, which is a shame because this cleansing snow moon, as I have heard it called, has been fun to look at. I could see it if I went up to bed. It was really bright last night, but I'd like to see it outside the window as I work downstairs and wait for Ross Martin to unveil whatever villainous plan he's about to hatch.

Maybe Ross Martin will reveal he's from Saturn at the end of tonight's McCloud episode

I was writing earlier about the difference between outsider and outlaw poetry, but only just earlier I had a feeling I might be near the end of this jag I'm on. 

I wonder how long McCloud was in New York City in the span of the television series, and if the police chief was threatening to send him back to New Mexico in every episode. 

Maybe I will go upstairs to bed and look at the moon from there and listen to the radio with my earphones.  Pin It

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