Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Is Bernie Sanders an Unreasonable Man?

How is a touch of idealism not appropriate for a system everyone agrees isn't working? If the answer does not already exist within the solution set offered, doesn't it make sense the person with a solution outside of that set might be the answer?

I suppose in the coming weeks we'll hear how Bernie Sanders is a kook, his head is in the clouds, and his ideas can never work in "real life." Simultaneously we will hear every other candidate say that what is happening isn't working and needs to be changed. So, which is it. Do we need change or more of the same? I think Hillary Clinton is that special brand of egomaniac who believes that even though things aren't working the only problem is she hasn't had her chance to run the machine. But exactly what "machines" has she run in her life, and how did that turn out? She'll be good at attacking Bernie on being an idealist, a dreamer, a reckless revolutionary whose idea would lead to disaster. Out of the other side of her mouth she'll be saying we need change. But my opinion she isn't an agent of any real change, but an instrument of the very corporatacracy that has led us to this decline in the condition of the working and middle classes. I'm willing to take a chance that Bernie may have some radical ideas that the prevailing system just isn't ready for, because the rest of us sure are ready. 

The attempts that are already being made by Hillary and her proxies to paint all of us who support Bernie as naive children who are too facile to understand politics, economics, or policy, and need to just take a nap while the adults sort things out are condescending and offensive in several ways. I anticipate they will also tell us we need to put aside our differences and support Hillary if she is the Democratic nominee because if we don't the world will implode, but unlike most Hillary supporters, I have done something that they have not... I have already voted for a female candidate for President, Jill Stein, and I'm entirely comfortable doing that again. Why should I EVER vote for a candidate that goes out of her way to insult me and those like me?

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