Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Johnny Carson Shows and Outlaw Poetry Books

Dental work again later today. But for now watching Johnny Carson from 1992, two weeks before the final show. To my sadness I see MeTV has apparently changed their overnight schedule from Night Gallery, Hitchcock, and Thriller to Rockford Files, Kojak, and McCloud. It wasn't a mere overrun from a hockey game last night that led to McCloud playing until 4 a.m. Having a final cup of tea and thinking about maybe going to bed early tonight, if 2 a.m. is early.

Short detour to the emergency room tonight but everyone seems to alright. Time flies. Watching a stage hand try to hit Johnny Carson in the face with a pie and missing I remember the time I was charged with the task of hitting Tim Stotz in the face with a towel from off set on This Is Our City. 

This is mostly a free write and there's no good reason for anyone to read it. I had to spend an extra five dollars at the post office today to send a package Priority Mail because I didn't get there yesterday and I don't want the customer to give me a bad rating. The book I sent was The Encyclopedia of Monsters. It's a nice reference book, but I just saw it on the shelf and didn't have much use for it. I have to get a few more items listed on Ebay.

In better news my insurance gives me a free one year membership to the YMCA, and we happen to have one of the better YMCAs in America here, so I'm looking forward to getting back in the gym.

I just need one more good push and I can get this next book edited and sent to the printer. The Outsider Poetry Slam League I created over the past two nights seems far less amusing to me tonight, but it was fun at the time. 

I watched the sequel to Night of Horror, Curse of the Cannibal Confederates last night, sort of. I think the director was pretty much only interested in the Civil War re-enactment phase of shooting, which is ironic because they got the uniforms wrong. I bet he knew that but just didn't have the money to do anything about it. Still I think he might have found some way to conceal the glaring error in the uniforms. 

Outsider Poet Thomas L. Vaultonburg (me) with a copy of Crad Kilodney's small press classic The Humour of Crad Kilodney that he received from Jenny Mathews the artist on his 47th birthday

Gary Shandling bombing on his last Carson appearance. But confides in Johnny he just shot the first episode of the Larry Sanders Show the previous day. Hey now. There he got a good joke in. Maybe he'll save the appearance with a good flourish at the end.  Pin It

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