Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Outsider Poetry Depot You Tube

The Outsider Poetry Depot now has a You Tube channel where I have made a few poetry videos of some of my poems. Perhaps you'll be interested in seeing a few more. Maybe not. February has opened a lot milder than January. It was a tough month in many ways. I had a root canal last week, and because I had waited over twenty years the infection had eaten into the bone of my jaw and it hurt like the dickens for several days. Watching Tony Randall make a drunken presentation and being fired on the Alfred Hitchcock Hour right now. Enjoying my last cup of tea. Then I will watch Thriller with Boris Karloff and head off to bed, hoping I have done all I can this day.

This is a picture of my full set of The Best American Poetry anthologies. Well, I say complete, but that's not entirely the case. Not anymore. I didn't order the one edited by Sherman Alexie this year. I will eventually. Then I'll probably use it to replace either the Sinclair Lewis book or the Dorothy Parker anthology. I didn't really get into Babbit as much as I thought I would. His uber class consciousness and dissatisfaction with his station in life and possessions was the theme, I know, but I'm sort of sick of people who can't or won't appreciate what they have. For instance, I am grateful tonight just to be pain free. Aside from the cramp in my back from hunching over this ignorant computer instead of laying down and just relaxing for the last hour of the day. Like many people I find tooth pain intolerable. I had open heart surgery and I'd probably choose that again rather than finish this next root canal. The procedure itself was painless to my surprise, but the recovery was a bear. I'm also grateful tonight my greatest dependence in life is three or four cups of tea a day. It will be nice to see another Spring. 

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