Monday, February 8, 2016

Two New Outsider Poetry Blogs Spring Up Overnight

I was really inspired by receiving this wonderful gift from Jenny for my birthday last night

The Polymorphous Humour of Crad Kilodney

Crad Kilodney wrote a book that makes me laugh to this day. It was titled Lightning Struck My Dick. The first time I saw that title I started laughing and still haven't stopped. Crad Kilodney was an Outsider Poet from Toronto who made his books at a copy shop. He founded Charnel House Press and began distributing them on the streets. He was arrested. But kept doing it. Eventually he became somewhat of a fixture in the Toronto literary scene and earned begrudging respect from the academic community. 

I'm not the least bit tired so I created two new Outsider Poetry blogs for my own amusement. The first I titled Rancho Cucamonga Outsider Poetry  and the second, which I actually created first, Kokomo Outsider Poetry Federation  A lot of this tomfoolery distracts from the fact that I have real work to do, including finishing the latest book from Zombie Logic Press, the Blood Dark Sea. Jenny designed a great cover so all that remains now is formatting the book and sending it to a printer. 

I have been trapped in a cycle where I stay up late for several months now, and although I really enjoy it I am accustomed to getting more work done at night than I have been. What I have been doing is watching Barney Miller, Johnny Carson on MeTV, then Night Gallery, The Alfred Hitchcock Show, then finishing the night with Thriller, hosted by Boris Karloff. Usually at that point I am so drowsy I am almost too tired to get myself ready for bed properly, which isn't as easy a task as it might seem when you have pills and potions to take. 

Anyway, the book I am holding is titled The Polymorphous Humour of Crad Kilodney, and it is signed by the writer. There are now websites established to archive his work and biography. I used to have quite a large Small Press library, including dozens and dozens of small press journals, chapbooks, and literary zines I appeared in. It is almost all gone now due to my many moves in the past. I'll put this on the shelf next to my first printings of my favorite Charles Bukowski books and show gratitude that I now have a place to do so. 

As part of my new insurance I can sign up for a free one year membership at the YMCA, so I hope to back in the gym soon after doing all my cardio and workouts at home for a year now. I'll probably go get in bed now and start my 48th year sleeping most of the daylight hours away. 
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