Friday, March 18, 2016

How I Failed In My Quest To Get a Haircut

Listening to Coast To Coast A.M. for the first time in a couple of years. I used to listen all the time when Art Bell was the host, and even for a while when George Nouri became the host. But several years ago it just seemed like it became a four hour commercial for liars to sell their latest lies. 

I'm having my final cup of tea for the night and quickly realizing I have nothing to say. Anonymous released a bunch of Donald Trump's private information today after declaring war on the candidate last week. Now both democrats, Republicans, and Anonymous are in an all out battle with Donald Trump and his followers. And still losing. 

I tried to get a haircut today and failed. The older gentleman I've been going to for several years wasn't in his shop today. We usually talk about the Cubs and a little bit about politics and for some reason his time in the military, but he wasn't there today. I have been expecting for some time now to find he has retired. So, I remembered this younger fellow had tried to open up a shop close by and I wandered over there, but found it was gone. So I wandered home. But on the way I saw yet a third barber shop had opened up. It was a combination barber shop and something else. I'm not sure what. Maybe curiosities. They were listening to Irishy music when I came in and looked surprised anyone else in the Universe existed. They were hipster kids, and I asked them the same question I always ask my regular barber: "Got time for a cut?"

The question seemed like a formality to me being as though it was a barber shop and I didn't see anyone else there. but they just stared at me as if I had three heads, then one of them spoke. "We only do appointments. Would you like to make an appointment?"

No, I didn't want to make an appointment. I wanted you to ask me to sit down in the empty chair you had there and cut my hair, because that's kind of how doing business works. I wish them well selling the box of old LP records they had, and I hope their taste in music gets a little better, but I don't hold out much hope for any of that to happen.

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