Tuesday, March 1, 2016

More Late Night Notes From an Outsider Poet

Time for one last Rockford Files tonight, which may put the cap on season number one, which I have watched in one week. 

On Friday there is a Charles Bukowski reading here in Rockford, and I think I might read. The format is that one reads their favorite Bukowski poem, followed a poem of their own. I did some recordings earlier in the week and posted them on SoundCloud. 

Also today I finished the team page for the Rockford Pages outsider poetry slam team. Looks like it has decided to snow after all outside. Doesn't make much difference to me, I have nothing scheduled this week until Friday. Just watching Rockford Files, hanging out with the kids, and creating team pages for Yakima, Walla Walla, Crested Butte, Hell, and Buttzville. 

Jim Rockford is in Las Vegas. Driving a lime green VW bug. And he got hit over the head.  Pin It

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