Saturday, March 5, 2016

My Next Two Hot Wheels

My Hot wheels collection is coming along slowly. After seven years of collecting I have 35 Hot Wheels. The next two I want are tricky ones, but fun. 

The Beach Bomb was a second year (1969) addition to the Hot Wheels line. Originally they had a rear loading surf board, but this made the Hot Wheel too narrow to go through the power station on the tracks, so they widened it and put the surf boards on the side. It's one of the coolest and most collected Hot Wheels. I'm seeking one in copper, but I wouldn't pass up one in brown like this. Every year we go to The Pec Thing and this one collector has the same Beach Bomb for sale, and it's nice, and I almost buy it, but since I'm taking my collection so slow I'll just hold out for exactly the one I want. I'd actually prefer one with some of the Hippie or Champion spark plugs or Hot Wheels decals that came along with these when they were released. I'll know it when I see it, and overpay. 

The Spectraflame paint of the first five years of Hot Wheels was awesome. Nothing compares. But some of the enamel Hot Wheels, like this lemon yellow Alive 55 were almost equally striking. We beat the heck out of these station wagons when we got them as kids because we saw them in the demolition derby, so naturally we considered them beaters. This particular one will now run you about $250 in near mint condition. I probably had for or five of these that I destroyed. In fact, this is an actual Alive 55 I'd like to buy, but the asking price is about double what I think it's worth. This is the color I want, but I would also like an orange one. This car from 1973 is just magnificent, and I'll be happy when I get mine. Might not be any time soon, but this is what mine will look like.

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