Sunday, April 10, 2016

National Poetry Month Day 10: The Next Generation

Jenny uploaded the files of our latest Zombie Logic Press book, The Blood Dark Sea, to the printers database Friday afternoon, so it seems like barring any unforseen issues we'll be going to print next week. This will be the third book of someone else's I will have published. This book differs from my own poetry, and the other two I've published in that it is more of an Outlaw Poetry book. It's a genre I'm certainly familiar with, having come along during the last days of the small press revolution, where almost everyone wrote in a style vaguely imitative of Charles Bukowski, but what sets this book apart is the humor. I think it's going to turn out great. 

Will I ever finish another book of my own poetry? I have no idea. Google says these shorter blog posts are killing my search rankings. I need to find ways to get to 400 words. 

I could talk about Star Trek: The Next Generation on BBC America on Saturday night. It just started. Looks like a young Riker, so I'm guessing one of the earlier seasons.

Back to National Poetry Month. Oh, now Commander Data is sitting in the captain's chair. Wesley Crusher. He was one of the successful early celebrity bloggers. He also writes a lot about mental health issues. As do I. I am not, however, a successful early celebrity blogger. It has been quite a struggle. I have written for years about poetry, horror movies, politics, sports, and dozens of other issues, but nothing ever seems to find a larger audience. I now use my blog more of an extension of my memory as much as a device to communicate with others or reach a wider audience. 

All this cyber space is free. I suppose for a couple of weeks I should concentrate on writing longer, more focused pieces and see how Google likes that. I was right, season 2, episode 8. Riker is exchanged for a Clingon and things get testy between the Enterprise and the Clingon vessel. 

We went to Arby's for date night on Wednesday and I ordered a vanilla shake, then was slightly disappointed when I saw they had a mint shake available. I did enjoy my angus sandwich. They have the meats. 

The Cubs have started the season 4-1. I personally believed they should have traded Kyle Scwarber during the off season because he belongs in the American League. I think they will find a way to win without him, but what a disappointment to get hurt in the third game of the season. 

Miles O'Brien. A lot of early characters I remember but haven't seen in a long time. 

I don't think I'll ever get a Vista Cruiser Pin It

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