Tuesday, April 12, 2016

So Long Democratic Party

The same way the Republican party has come to be known as the trickle down party of economics, the Democratic party has rapidly become the party of trickle down ideology.

What does that mean?

Well, in my opinion, the Democratic party has told its voters to allocate all the resources, all the power in selecting candidates and establishing a political platform, and just trust them to vote for the candidates and issues they put forth and they will be rewarded, but if they decide to go in any other direction they risk losing whatever progress has been made in the past. Moreover, whatever hope they have of making rapid changes are illusory and unrealistic. They should just sublimate their real desires for change and allow the party to decide when and where change is possible, and at what rate.


It's exactly the same thing the Republicans tell us about economics. That there is this elite economic class that knows more about money than we ever could, and we should just allow them all the power because this will in turn allow them to create more wealth that we all will eventually participate in. The problem is it has never happened, 

So why believe the equivalent of the trickle down theory ideologically? Why give a small group of people the power to dictate what issues and changes are possible? It certainly hasn't proven true in the past. Two years Obama had a Democratic Congress and they got almost nothing done, then waited until Republicans swept in and immediately blamed them for obstructing whatever they were trying to do. But what were they trying to do? They could have done it. Something stopped them, and I don't believe it was the Republicans.

Exactly why should we believe in the future, if we give them all the power, that this Democratic party will address the issues so many of us care about? Fool me seven or eight times...

Vote blue no matter who? 

No. Not this time. Address the issues a substantial portion of the electorate is raising. We want money taken out of the political system. We are sick and tired of rigged elections. We want real social change. Health care and education for all. We want an end to these awful trade agreements that have caused so many Americans to lose their jobs. We want the wealthy and corporations to pay their fair share because we're sick of bearing the burden locally of keeping our roads and schools open. You say those goals are unrealistic, and yet they are the model throughout Western Europe. 

What you're really telling us when you say these are unrealistic goals is that you really don't share our core values and goals for America, and once you've told us that why the hell should we vote for you?

In November I won't be. So long, Democratic party. 

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