Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Stacking the Fizz

I got a stack of Franklin half dollars today in the mail, and I was excited to show them to Jack, and I put them in his hand and he was really impressed by them. Then he asked me about Benjamin Franklin, then he told me a few things about Benjamin Franklin, which I thought was really cool. I've been trying to introduce the concept of money, and it's value, to him lately. The Franklin half dollar has got to be one of my favorite coins. 

What a humdinger of a game the Cubs played tonight. It looked like they were dead in the water against this Reds' pitcher, but they found a way to come back late. What a fun game to watch, and I think this team will go on to stack up loads of regular season wins, but none of that will mean anything once the playoffs start. Cub fans now expect a World Series or nothing. There are no surprise seasons left now. 

Listed a few items on Ebay tonight, trying to raise money for the New Orleans vacation Jenny and I plan to go on. 

Trump is on the news saying "It's a fix," and after seeing what happened in Colorado and Wyoming this Saturday it's hard to disagree. The DNC may have the juice to force HRC down the throats of those who don't want her, but it may be the last time they ever have that power again. The "my turnism" of her campaign is staggering. Nearly sixty percent of the populace neither likes or trusts her, but she's going to get to be President because it's her turn? That smells rotten to me. Of course the Republicans can't even find a candidate they can get behind. 

My good friend Tim Stotz and I have been talking about the experience of free writing lately. It's not something a lot of us do anymore. I've been thinking about maybe doing a free write here every night. It most likely would be a recap of the Cubs game, the day in politics, and some goofy reactions to events during the day. I might not do it because I journaled for twenty years and there ultimately wasn't any value to it, much like this blog. 

Imagine a time in history when everyone had a pocket full of silver or gold coins. And the value of the things they consumed was intrinsically intertwined to the value of those coins. It's hard to make that connection with a promissory note, or even less so with an electronic transfer. 

I wonder now if I ever will finish Poem Book Five. If I do I hope Jenny paints a glowing red Five on the cover. I can't envision the book in my mind right now. 

Well, that's my free write from Day 12 of National Poetry Month.  Pin It

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