Sunday, April 3, 2016

What National Poetry Month Means To An Outsider Poet

It means nothing.

As someone who has written poetry for almost forty years and spent years of my life and thousands of dollars publishing it National Poetry Month means nothing.

Maybe NPR will do a few more stories. I'll see people post a quote on Facebook, but National Poetry Month to me has no value.

Anyway, this is my third week of trying resist the lure of Star Trek: The Next Generation on BBC America overnight. Once again, I am failing. I have a Wrestlemania party tomorrow night, and I had a humdinger of a migraine waking up this morning, so I'm extra wiped out. 

Everyone is upstairs eating, and I have taken all of my medications, done my cardio, and so now I am just eating a microwave burrito and waiting for the clothes to dry. 

I have been wanting to spend less time communicating on Facebook and maybe a little more time writing at the blog. 

Maybe a picture of something is in order.

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