Thursday, May 19, 2016

Don't Choose Death Over Hillary and Trump, Vote Green

I have voted for Democratic candidates all my life. Except Hillary Clinton. I've never cast a vote for Hillary Clinton. I was resigned to do my vote Blue no matter who duty in 2008 when out of nowhere a better candidate showed up and saved me. I was younger then, and would have cast that vote, even though I didn't want to. I don't like Hillary Clinton, and after all these years about being asked to explain why, and doing so, I'm not going to anymore. I don't like Hillary Clinton, and I don't have to explain to you why, because almost every other reasonable person I know feels the same. 

But Mary Anne Noland really didn't want to vote for Hillary Clinton. So much, so, in fact, that she chose death over that possibility.

I understand how she feels, but I think her problem could have been solved by a possibility that maybe she should have considered, and that millions of Americans might want to look into... voting for a third party candidate, specifically the Green Party candidate. 

I left the Democratic party during this election cycle, and I won't return. Not only won't I be voting for Hillary, I won't be voting for ANY Democratic candidates. I won't be a part of a club that has gone out of its way to tell me they don't want me as a member. The gaslighting that has gone on in the past few months towards Bernie supporters rivals historic abusive relationships like Ike and Tina Turner. You want to be condescending, abusive, and lying cheats for the entire primary season, then when it's time to go to the general election pull that famous abuser routine "You know why I had to hit you, baby..." 

Going back through my history it became abundantly clear I never really was a Democrat in the first place. I was a Progressive. The only votes I ever even remember feeling good about casting were for Jerry Brown in 1992, and Bernie Sanders in 2016. Either one of those candidates could easily be called an Independent, or have been running as a third party candidate, and it would have been much the same.

So, why are so many of us resistant to give a third party a chance, even when the two major parties have pretty much melded into one entity, which Noam Chomsky described as moderate Republicans this week? If I wanted to vote for a 1950's style Republican, it sure as hell wouldn't be Hillary Clinton.

But back to third parties. Americans like to win. We're obsessed with it. Maybe that's why we are reluctant to vote for a third party candidate. Because we know we're going to end up on a losing team. We're going to "throw our vote away." But how is voting for what you believe in rather than what you feel forced to settle for "throwing your vote away?"

Also, how can you really be sure you don't actually agree with the Green party platform as much as, even more than the candidate you feel you have no choice but to vote for?

Listen, don't let the death of Mary Anne Noland be the first and most senseless death of the second Clinton reign, look into alternatives. Hell, you can even vote for yourself if you want. It's allowed. Don't be a stubborn American who would rather die than vote Green.

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