Thursday, June 23, 2016

Next Book In the Rock River Literary Series

A few words as I get ready to eat my TGIFridays chicken wings.

Apparently a very few words, because I never went back to finish that blog yesterday, and I have no idea what my original thought was. Derrick Rose was traded from the Bulls, the Democrats had a sit-in in Congress, and a storm of the century failed to show up here in Rockford. Aside from that I think I was probably just going to talk about The Rock River Literary Series.

Book number four in the Rock River Literary Series seems to be set, and book five is also in the pipeline.Both will depart from the beaten path in substantial and interesting ways. 

The book release party for book three, The Blood Dark Sea by outlaw poet Dennis Gulling, was a wild success. Guest bartender Tim Stotz concocted a specialty cocktail, The Blood Dark Sea, and I stood in for the author of our first book, Jesus Correa, who had to wash dishes that night.

Outsider poet Thomas L. Vaultonburg impersonates the best dishwasher in the world, Jesus Correa at the book release party for Dennis Gulling's The Blood Dark Sea at JR Kortman Gallery in Rockford, Illinois

I see that The Blood Dark Sea is going to be reviewed in Cultural Weekly and some other places, but not much talk locally. Everyone who has read it thinks it is the best book of Outlaw Poetry written in America in over a decade. Having read it as many times as anyone but the author, I agree. Sitting on the couch yesterday waiting for the storm that never came I just realized it was time to move on to the next book. I still will be doing all I can to promote the last three, but it's time for the next one. 

The author contacted me when Jenny and I were in New Orleans. And after a vacation, and a vacation needed to recover from that vacation, it's time to start working. Time to promote Rockford poetry. 

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