Monday, June 13, 2016

Outsider Poet Visits The Lafayette Blacksmith Bar In New Orleans

Just went through a rather grueling couple of months, which culminated in a vacation to New Orleans and the book release party for The Blood Dark Sea, which I had to host and perform as Jesus Correa in. 

Now all of that is behind me, and the last thing that is wearing on me is I did an Echocardiogram last Tuesday after my cardiologists ordered it nearly two months ago and I waited for insurance approval, and now I'm awaiting those results. I hope they will be casual about it and just use the online medical chart to say everything is fine, but until that happens there's really no way to know.

All of my book projects are wrapped up, and all I have is one more dental procedure in terms of my health, and ongoi g fitness and good nutrition, so maybe I can spend the next little while working on some of my goofy personal projects that only I know or care about, like Shadmock, Ubermenscer, Hall of Bad Dudes, Momus Shrugged, not quite blank, The Outsider Poetry Slam League of America, Things of the Dead, or even one of my own books.

This is me standing outside the door of the Lafayette Blacksmith Shop Shop Bar in New Orleans. They claim it is the oldest bar in America. 

Finally got an air conditioner into the window at the apartment, now I am worrying that it will fall out. Probably won't have a lot to say about Outlaw Poetry now that I wrapped up the last book. 
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