Monday, July 18, 2016

For Lovers of Chaos, It's a Win Either Way

Watching Chachi Arcola speak I have one response: I hope Trump wins, and I hope they take away your video games and pornography, because that's all you seem to care about, and it shouldn't be just us who are capable of caring about decency, truth, and goodness that always have to lose what we care about. Don't vote, or better yet, vote against Hillary Clinton because your guy didn't win. It's all entertaining to me. I love chaos. I love it when you shoot and strangle each other in the streets, wipe your ass with the ancient tomes of wisdom, and get farther and farther away from any semblance of even being human. 

It's lovely.

I love to turn on the news and not be bored. See you all driving into each other and your faces twisted in anger as if you believe you deserve something better than this hell of a culture you created in the first place. 

You're some ugly and stupid people, do you know that? 

Either way, we're never, ever returning to a time and place where humanity is in a place of infinite progress, so I say pull up a lawn chair and enjoy the show. 

11/30/2016 Nailed it. As usual. 
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