Thursday, July 7, 2016

Garbage Night In Rockford

With the grim news earlier in the week that police had discovered a body decomposing in a garbage can on Market Street, today's scuttlebutt that the remains had possibly been there for years gives new meaning to garbage night tonight. Jenny and I started dragging the cans to the curb last night then realized it was a garbage holiday because of the Fourth of July. 

Zombie Logic Press headquarters is a block away from the scene of the grisly discovery. Makes me feel glad I never won any of my races for Winnebago County Coroner.

Grateful that I never beat Sue Fiduccia in any of those times I ran for Winnebago County Coroner. I think I first ran for Winnebago County Coroner in 2004, but I can't remember. I decided not to run anymore now that Sue Fiduccia has retired. 

I have had two people contact me about poetry projects this week. But this week is about Jack's sixth birthday. I bought him a Super Nintendo with Super Mario Kart and the Five Nights at Freddys plushy dolls.  Pin It

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