Saturday, July 2, 2016

Several A List Celebrities Reportedly Interested In Joining Poetry Slam League

Several celebrities have expressed interest in joining the Outsider Poetry Slam League of America for the 2017 season after the rousingly successful 2016 season, which culminated in the Rancho Cucamonga Kookamungas winning the OPSLA Championship Saturday night in Paducah, Kentucky. 

One such rumor involves Game of Thrones actor Peter Dinklage joining the Rockford Pages OPSLA team for the 2017 season. 

Celebrity interest in joining the league spiked when Jeff Bridges appeared in several bouts for the league champion Rancho Cucamonga team both as himself and as The Dude. League commissioner Dr. Millard Rausch confirms that he has received calls from several A list celebrities inquiring about joining one of the original eight OPSLA teams, or one of the new 8 teams that will join the league for the 2017 season. "We have even received interest in joining the Yakima franchise," Rausch said in a conference call Tuesday from somewhere. 

Also, I'm about to go get some pretzels and finish watching Point of Terror, then maybe something like Zombiethon or Shockwaves, haven't decided. 

Caution: Spoilers

Relax, I am no sadist.

I am not here to dispel
Your illusions,
Or spoil the big reveal
They have written for you,
But your heroes are villains,
Your gods are demons,
And your children will
Toil in vain to change this,
Then die in despair and
Disillusion, blaming you
For your cowardice and knowing
Their lives meant nothing.

As for the show: haven't seen it.
-Thomas L. Vaultonburg

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