Friday, July 15, 2016

Twin Peaks: Outsider Poetry Walk With Me

I have never been a big fan of David Lynch. It's not that I don't get it, I just think there's not as much there to get as other people do. Sort of like the band Rush. Doesn't seem that deep to me.

That said, last night I watched the pilot episode, and tonight I'm going to watch the last two episodes. But I already read several commentaries about what happened, and what it meant. Most reasonable critics agree if you're looking for answers you won't be getting any.

I like this guy who looks like the ghoul from Carnival of souls, but in my assessment David Lynch is in that class of sick fucks who like to portray the cruelty of humanity simply because he gets off on it, and wants to cloak that perversion in the aegis that he's simply holding a mirror up to the darker corners of our souls. That pig who made the movie Kids, Todd Solendz, and Harmony Korine fall in this category. 

We live in a world where people drive trucks over 83 people in France, and these incidents have become an almost daily occurance, but David Lynch is breaking new ground by telling there is darkness and perversion in the human soul. Like we didn't know that, dumbfuck. Like we're not surrounded by it. No, I really don't believe he's trying to enlighten us to our true nature, I think he just likes soaking in the perversion and darkness. 

Also, the characters just aren't that interesting. The supposed streak of dark humor just isn't funny. 

Nonetheless, I feel like giving it a chance. Seems a little like when I unwittingly watched a few minutes of the Tim Burton Dark Shadows remake. Was it supposed to be funny? Scary? I'd prefer if Lynch had just gone for the creep factor here, because it seems natural to him, but he doesn't seem as funny as he thinks he is. If he'd just done what he does best, this would be more entertaining, and it seems like cruelty, sexual perversion, and pedophilia are his thing. 

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