Tuesday, July 12, 2016

What I'd Rather Be Doing Than Outlaw Poetry

Basically anything right now. All hell has broken loose in the Universe, in America, and in my corner of the Universe.

We spent part of the weekend at the Renaissance Fair in Kenosha. Seemed like a reasonable distraction from all the insanity. I had a real bummer of a headache all weekend.Now that it's a new week it's back to war with the bureaucracy and decay in general.

The Rockford poetry train is leaving the station without me. But I really feel like I need to guard my free time ferociously. What I have of it.

Yesterday was sweltering, and we went on a Pokemon hunt in the afternoon, then again after it got dark. The bike path was crawling with people. Jack fell asleep in the wagon, but woke up as soon as we got home. Then everyone was up late again.

Just finished a nice torrent of work while waiting for a poet to show up for a pre-production meeting, then I did a workout with my Gold's Gym exercise band. Now I'm waiting for chicken soup with liver to be ready. Then maybe a walk with my guys if the poet is a no show. No one has wanted to go to bed lately, but if they do I might watch something crappy online.

Posted a long piece by Brett Petersen at Outsider Poetry  and some fine pieces by Alan Britt at Zombie Logic Review. No word from the poet, so I might try and sneak in my cardio workout. I hope I didn't give him a bad phone number. I'm not sure what my phone number is without looking it up.

After this a lot of blogs still to work on tonight, then tomorrow me and Jenny have dinner with the head of the local Arts Council. I might consider applying for a grant. I'd hate to have to explain what my mission statement is. To publish poetry. I've been doing it Twenty years, so I guess I take it semi-seriously. But it would be nice not to do it anymore tonight.

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