Friday, July 1, 2016

Why I No Longer Show Up In the Google Search Rankings For the Search Term "The Monster Club"

I'm continuing to use Zombie Logic, and now not quite blank as pure blogs in the original sense that there is no theme or purpose except for me to be able to open them up whenever I feel like it and write down a thought, a list, share a video, a poem, a picture of something that arrived in the mail, whatever. In that sense I feel no responsibility to be interesting, whereas many of the other blogs like Outsider Poetry, Zombie Logic Review, The Hall of Bad Dudes, Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things, The Journal of Outsider Poetry, Zombiethong  etc have morphed into having very specific, often almost private themes. Jenny has always tried to convince me I should have done all of those blogs here, just created pages for them, but it felt more right to create a specific blog for each, compartmentalize them, and give them their own design.

Last night at not quite blank I wrote about finally have caught up to a to do list that just kept expanding and never seemed to dwindle no matter how hard I worked on it. I found myself at finally able to cross off the last item that was really bothering me, and lament that I only had enough time to watch one movie. 

Because asking for sales or attracting readers to look at ads I get paid for isn't even one of my goals as a blogger, I can say whatever I work on is generally successful. Google takes it seriously. I'm able to externalize some fairly toxic anger, and not worry too much anymore if anyone likes it or not. I know how to get a million views over a one year period, and on one of the blogs I listed above, I've done it. I'm not overjoyed about what I had to do to get those kind of numbers, but I wanted to prove to myself if I too abandoned all principles I could get as many readers as I wanted. 

At one time Google was assuring bloggers that if they created a blog like this one, with a variety of topics and no particular dirty tricks going on to lure readers in through salacious or hollow content, they would be rewarded with good Google rankings. That is not the reality I have experienced. In general, if you want to take over a search term you need a blog very focused on that topic, making sure to say it over and over, but not too much. There aren't may keywords I have gone after that haven't been successful, but I am constantly perplexed by Monster Club, since my content about that movie was original, insightful, and unique, but then a bunch of other people with unrelated blogs came along and bumped me all the way out of that search term, seemingly forever. 

The outsider poet Thomas L. Vaultonburg riding a JC Penney bicycle from the 1970's behind Jenny Mathews roller skating and wearing a Wonder Woman T-shirt sometime in June 2016

It's not even dark tonight and I'm relaxed enough to just free write like this. I read an article yesterday about a woman who was suffering from organic brain damage leading to dementia, and she wanted to keep a journal so she could remember herself. I think mostly that is what I have used my blogs for. Extensions of my internal memory, lists of of my memories, and roadmaps for me to return home later.

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