Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Why I Quit Poetry For Social Media

My Space was a game changer for me socially. It has been about twelve years since My Space, and I lead a completely different life. Better, richer, fuller. It's hard for me to separate the advent of social media from being the General Manager of my own bar. Almost everything changed for me. 

Then everyone left My Space for Facebook. At first I lamented the loss of My Space. I remembered it fondly. And. twelve years later I can say I made friends there that are friends to this day. I vowed Facebook would be the last stop. If everyone suddenly got up and left, like My Space, I wouldn't follow. And I still feel that way. Most of the people I know on Facebook I see in real life, too.

For a while I tried leaving social media because I believed it was destroying my writing, and it's true, I did write a little more. It now seems strange to me, even impossible to sever my social media ties with my friends ever again. It's just how I communicate with them for the most part.

So, in essence, I quit poetry and chose my social media life over the monastic life of a writer. My social life is more important and more nourishing to me than poetry. 

Can I do both? Not as well as I like. There may be multiple reasons why I can't write like I used to. Maybe I have said most of what I have to say. Maybe the more immediate reinforcement of social media has distracted me. 

But do I miss it?

Not as much as I feel I should. I love having written the books and poems I have written, and I have written some lately, but not with much force or conviction. 

Jenny made a chicken soup and I have some in the refrigerator, and I really want to eat it tonight, but I also want to have it for tomorrow.

Jack did a painting today with the pains, brushes, and canvases he got for his birthday. He painted a zombie. 

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