Thursday, August 25, 2016

Aquatron VX-33 "The Egg" 8 Eight Track Tape Player

Aquatron VX-33 "The Egg" 8 Eight Track Tape Player

Been in a cool dark storage area for about 5 years.

This was rebuilt to work like new. Still does.

The belt was replaced, heads cleaned and adjusted.
 Bad lamps were replaced, knobs were cleaned and unit 100% tested.

There is nothing wrong with this physically and electrically. The pictures does not do it justice. I repair electronic, but I am not a photographer.

The battery box is super clean and the antenna is straight.

Offered as-is, no return.

No worries. There will be no return. 

I have only two 8-Tracks, The Beach Boys "Endless Summer" and Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits, so I played them both this afternoon. Why this detour on the way to perfect recording technology was needed I'll still never know, but having this thing seems to complete some transactional analysis in my brain. I react to it emotively and consider it an aesthetic triumph. I hope to eventually get a few more 8 Tracks to play. The radio works, too. 

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