Monday, August 1, 2016

August of the Outsider Poets Who Collect VHS Tapes

For the first time ever I have a copy of Scream and Scream Again on VHS, and I'm playing it for the second time tonight here at the apartment. Watching it with no sound the plot just becomes more and more incomprehensible. I can tell right now this is going into steady rotation when I'm here. I'm also reasonable sure I will never be able to explain to a rational person what this movie is about. 

Bought 52 VHS tapes Thursday at the Habital For Humanity resale shop. It's an odd place to find two rooms of VHS tapes, but someone who owned five local video stores donated them, so they're selling them five for a dollar. Unfortunately, I was apparently the last person in town to hear about this, so all I was able to find that really popped my cork was Scream and Scream Again, and another movie called Supernaturals that I watched earlier. It has Nichelle Nichols and Levar Burton in it, so double Star Trek bonus there, and was actually quite odd and entertaining. I wan't able to get the lady at the counter to reveal anything about the donor, but she did say maybe more tapes will come in next week. 

I was amused to see the Super Dave tape because I really enjoyed Eisenstein's turn in Curb Your Enthusiasm. Jenny and Jack were right there helping me sift through the tapes, and Jack found a copy of Electric Horseman and asked me if it went in the cart. I said yes. Jenny found a few oddball movies, and at five for a dollar it's hard to say no. 

I heard last week that the last VCR in production has been discontinued, but it seems there are enough out there to last us through the zombie apocalypse. The donor had apparently brought in this ponderous early VHS player that was as big as an AMC Pacer. They wanted fifty dollars for it or I might have gone for it. Space has become a limiting factor in my life. Just not enough shelf space for everything I want to collect.

Hey, it's August. Fantasy football season. And we still have our yearly trek to Willow Fest to boot.  Pin It

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