Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Congo Park Watercolor By Jenny Mathews

Jenny and I went on vacation to New Orleans earlier in the summer. It was an amazing vacation. We stayed at the Olivier House. 

The Olivier House by Jenny Mathews

Of course we received the usual warnings. Don't go here, don't go there, which we did our best to ignore. One of the places we were advised against going to was Louise Armstrong Park. Not safe they said. But we went, anyway. Reading the history of the park and Congo Square was fascinating. It was the one place slaves and freed Blacks were allowed to congregate in freely. Well, semi-freely. One could almost feel the energy that had been imbued into that ground. For me the most striking feature of Congo Park was...

No matter what question you ask in New Orleans, the answer seems to be Marie Laveau, and even locals in the know will freely admit ain't nobody really knows a damn thing about her. I never asked about Marie Laveau, because I didn't want to get the answer they give to tourists. I don't know much about anything metaphysical, but if this tree isn't my spirit plant I don't know what is. 
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