Saturday, September 10, 2016

This Blog Has No Use Anymore

This blog has no use anymore, unless I want to use it as, you know, a blog. Google has already permanently sandboxed it, and I have used it for so many general topics that it can't ever be narrowed down to a niche blog on any subject. I can't see anything here because I'd have better luck trying to sell brains to Trump voters. 

So, all I can do is use it as a blog.

To like talk about things that interest me. Use it an extension of my memory. 

Right now I have nothing to say. My Thriller Video collection has stalled because there just haven't been many on Ebay to bid on. I remember when I first started collecting them someone sold an entire sealed collection on Beta for $666 at Halloween. If I knew then what I know now I would have bought it and the game would have been over. 

Lately to satisfy my urge to collect I've been picking up cassette tapes when I find them because I can get them for a couple of bucks wheras records now cost ten dollars even in non-collectible, or playable, condition.

Tomorrow the NFL season starts, and I'm already almost insurmountably behind in the one league I actually care about due to another monster performance against me in the Thursday night NFL opener. It's the same game Peyton Manning threw seven touchdowns in three years ago, and of course he was playing against me. My season never got off the ground after that.

I did sign up for a FanDuel contest because I believe Spencer Ware and Christine Micahel are going to run wild, which allowed me to get a top QB and three top wide receivers. Almost everyone will also this type of line-up, but I hope mine is just different enough to finish in the money.

I like September.

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