Friday, October 28, 2016

I Don't Like Hillary Clinton

I don't like Hillary Clinton.

I mean, I don't know her personally, so this isn't a personal judgement, I mean I don't like my life as much when Hillary Clinton runs for President. It always seems to visit chaos on my personal and extended relationships. When I am forced to defend her I feel like the child of an alcoholic who takes it upon himself to stand up for the family even when the accusations are true.

After setting aside my angry and moral outrage that Bernie Sanders would have easily beaten Hillary Clinton in a primary where corporate money and media attention, DNC bias and possible voter interference in places gave her a victory she wasn't entitled to, I knuckled under and supported her, because Donald Trump.

A racist, misogynistic, bigoted, sexual assaulter and lifelong criminal that stands for almost everything I despise in this life.  The choice was easy. Bernie Sanders was no longer running, so I had no other valid choices. Jill Stein wasn't viable for me. Gary Johnson couldn't even name a foreign leader. And Hillary wants to be President so much. She has studied so hard for this test.

The problem is there has been trouble everywhere she goes. A trail of chaos. I understand many people have spent millions and millions of dollars and thirty years trying to convince me Hillary Clinton is an evil person and a crooked politician, but at some point even that becomes irrelevant. 

I'm tired of defending her. I was never any more than lukewarm about it, anyway.

Today's supposed media bombshell that the FBI will be "looking into" even more leaked Hillary Clinton emails is just a bridge too far. I'm tired of waking up and waiting for this other shoe to drop. Now that it seemingly has I can quit dreading it. I can quit obsessively looking at Nate Silver's re-assuring predictions at 538 every damn couple of hours.

This was always going to happen. And I can't care anymore. I cast my vote for Hillary Clinton as soon as early voting opened here in Illinois, and I don't regret that one bit. It was the right thing to do. I have done almost all that I can do. I have spent six months posting all the negative stories about Trump, all the humanizing stories about Hillary.

And it makes no damn difference. Donald Trump is in court defending charges that he tied up and raped and 13 year old girl. He has admitted to assaulting women. He has insulted our wives, mothers, daughters, and propagated a rape culture that is devastating to all of us. He has called Mexican rapists and murderers. He has proposed banning Muslims from the country. He has insulted our troops and Generals as losers and taunted a Gold Star family. This is not an exhaustive list. It goes on and on, and it doesn't make one godamn bit of difference. Every time the media stops reporting about his crimes constantly people seem to forget about it. There's something about what Trump stands for that appeals to people. And the good people, while not outnumbered by a long shot, seem powerless to push this stone over the top of this hill.

I'm done. 

The Cubs are in the World Series. I have a new puppy to train, two children to raise, a literary press to run, and family and friends that deserve not to be badgered by me about this anymore.

You don't want to vote for Hillary Clinton?

I grok.

Just don't reserve the right to bitch about it later when Donald Trump reveals himself to be the snake he told you he was in that awful poem he reads to his crowds and when he does exactly what he has been telling you he will do this past year and a half and it makes the lives of people you know a living hell. 

I voted. 

I'm out.

 To me Hillary Clinton is like that friend you have that starts a bar fight every time you go out, and eventually you just stop going out with them. But I suppose a lot of people even worse than her have spent a lot of time and money trying to make me feel that way.  Pin It

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