Sunday, November 6, 2016

The First One Is Always On the House

Why would a President Trump have any respect for our democratic institutions now? If elected, he will know he owes it to Russian hackers, Wikileaks, Putin, and rogue factions within our intelligence community. If he ever wanted to get anything done, why wouldn't he naturally assume those were his go to guys? And what price would they exact? Who would be safe if they were fingered as an enemy of this sickeningly mad cabal? Their enemies would become his enemies, and isn't America their enemy?

We all know he has the temperment and impulse control of a three year old, so why would he show any patience for our gridlocked legislative and legal process when he already has had a taste of getting things done quickly, easily, and effectively by turning to shadowy tactics and shortcuts to democracy.

I can see him making this speech right now. "Would you want me to just get it done and not tell you how it was done or not to do it all? So what if a few eggs are broken. Just win, baby."

But as anyone who has ever witnessed how shadowy operators work, the first one is always on the house. Wikileaks, The Russians, and even elements of our own F.B.I. all have colluded to help Donald Trump become President, but why?

What do they want?

That's the scary part, because if you vote for Donald Trump now you have to be comfortable with the leader of the world being beholding to these groups, and whatever agendas they are trying to accomplish. Trump already has stated he thinks it would be better if we worked with the Russians. He seems to have started early.

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