Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Beware! The Blob

The third and final, and by far the best movie of the night is Beware! The Blob, directed by Larry Hagman of Dallas and I Dream of Jeannie fame. It is once again a much maligned film due to the fact that it has almost nothing to do with the original The Blob, and is a vast departure in both tone and content. Which is what makes it so fun. Beware! The Blob is actually a Hippie romp with an all star cast and a surprise soundtrack by Mort Garson. This was my first encounter with the Moog synthesizer work of Garson, and I am already on Ebay bidding on this gem...

Black Mass Lucifer by Mort Garson

As for the movie itself, I'm fifty minutes through, and it's just a romp. Makes no damn sense, and doesn't care to. There is a red blob in the movie that has escaped and is showing up randomly devouring people, but that doesn't seem to putting a damper on the party.

I have just gotten to the part of the movie where I suspect the Blob is about to consume Burgess Meredith and Larry Hagman, who are portraying bums. Then I believe it will head on to terrorize the party guests at this rager that broke out. 

No real graphic violence in this movie so far, but there was a very depressing scene where they ran over a bunch of cases of Miller High Life. I thought that was gratuitous and uncalled for. 

Or don't it's really not going to matter.

Oh, I forgot, and I know since I read ahead that the Blob makes a detour and eats a pack of Boy Scouts led by Dick Van Patten. Also, that actor named Gerrit Graham, who you might remember as Bud the CHUD and a bout a million other appearances plays a douche dressed in a gorilla costume. I'll let you know if he gets eaten. Wait a minute, wait a minute, now the Blob is going to a bowling alley. 

Fun stuff.

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