Tuesday, December 20, 2016

How the Russians Can Help Me

I have noticed lately that the Russians have been taking a great interest in what it is I have to say on a variety of topics. Not sure if they're just ego surfing, bored, or casting a net wide enough to take in my inchoate musings. 

Mostly I'd just like to write about horror movies and watch the Leviathan we have unbound do what it is Leviathan does. There's not really an appropriate movie for that, but last night I watched The Shuttered Room, a 1967 take on an H.P. Lovecraft story, which shared about as much similarity to the Lovecraft story as most movies based on his writings do. It was also dubbed in Polish, running at double speed, and the scenes had been shuffled from end to beginning in many places. Which is to say it still made more sense than any of the Star Wars movies.

I saw I was mentioned in a French interview about poetry and punk rock in Rockford today. David Ensminger claimed I was a surrealist. I don't know what I am, anymore, but surrealism doesn't seem to be required any more. 

Back to the Russians. Not sure why you're here. Hell, maybe you just think I'm entertaining. I doubt that, but I must at least consider the possibility. We like some of the same things. We dislike some of the same things. 

Maybe you'll go buy some of my books at Zombie Logic Press

Wait a minute, I have to find a vaguely Russian image for the search engine...

One time I had borscht at this cafe at Colonial Village Mall. The whole thing has been turned into a prosperity church now. 

Maybe you are curious about what happens next and see that I have so far been able to predict that rather successfully.

I can tell you in all honesty that I have no idea what happens next. My work here is done. 

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