Thursday, December 15, 2016

Thanks For the Clicks, Comrades

Thanks for all the clicks, comrades. Here's the news of the evening:

Actor Bernard Fox has died. He is most famous for portraying Dr. Bombay in Bewitched.

Paging Dr. Bombay

But that's not the way I'm remembering him tonight. For me his most memorable performance is in a low budget horror anthology titled Alien Zone. It was shot in Stillwater, Oklahoma and released in 1978. The movie would probably have been forgotten entirely if it hadn't been re-released by Mill Creek a decade or so ago in one of their collections. In Alien Zone, also known as House of the Dead, Fox plays a detective matching wits with another famous detective, an obvious imitation of Peter Falk's Columbo. Although not technically a horror story, the two battle to see which can outwit the other.


Everything’s looted, betrayed and traded,
black death’s wing’s overhead.
Everything’s eaten by hunger, unsated,
so why does a light shine ahead?

By day, a mysterious wood, near the town,
breathes out cherry, a cherry perfume.
By night, on July’s sky, deep, and transparent,
new constellations are thrown.

And something miraculous will come
close to the darkness and ruin,
something no-one, no-one, has known,
though we’ve longed for it since we were children.
Anna Akhmatova

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