Friday, March 3, 2017

Dark Shadows 216: Meet the New Willie Loomis, Who Is Definitely NOT a Vampire

Meet the new Willie. Victoria Winters once again narrates the opening, explaining Willie Loomis is no longer violent, but her words are belied by seeing Willie looking absolutely ghoulish, although he seems completely demured and cringes at the mention of blood or violence. Has he changed?

Thing I just noticed: the windows at the Blue Whale do not look outward, instead they have a swirling projection on them probably meant to emulate the sea that we know is outside. It creates a subtle psychedlic experience and closes the Blue Whale off from the rest of the Dark Shadows Universe. 

Jason convinces a reluctant Willie to return to Collinwood and apologize to Elizabeth and Carolyn, which he does, but collapses soon after and becomes bedridden. Definitely not a vampire.

Willie collapses after seeing the portrait of Barnabas and has to remain at Collinwood, against his wishes. hen Jason comes to take care of him he discovers...

I cut myself shaving

Seems like there are at least two vampires now at Collinwood. And where is David Collins? 

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