Thursday, March 9, 2017

Dark Shadows Episode 1109: The Final Destruction of Collinwood?

I figured if Dark Shadows can slip around from era to era, so can I , and I decided to watch episode 1109, mostly because I read that zombies are involved and I wanted to see how they were handled on the show. Also, I really just wanted to see an episode in color.

Barnabas and Julia enter through a door, which I am assuming is the door to another time, and discover a painting of this zombie. What does it mean? I haven't any idea. 

1970 Quentin Collins, just unearthed from the grave by Barnabas and Julia, explains that something that happened to 1840 Quentin Collins is going to lead to the 1970 destruction of Collinwood. Also, Kate Jackson is now in the show. 

Then there's a bunch of mumbo jumbo about the children and stars and Quentin says some sort of spell that is supposed to defeat Gerard Stiles and claims he has defeated him, but Gerard says not as long as I still have my vaunted choke slam, old friend, and now I see zombies are coming out of the ground in the next scene this is craziness. 

Then these zombies rise from the ground and Barnabas says it is the final destruction of Collinwood. This seems serious. 

The zombies enter Collinwood. Is it all over?

The children are dead. Now Daphne is dead. The zombies are just breaking shit. Now the zombies are running up the stairs. That seems to violate some rule of monsterdom. Now there's a fire. 

"This house belongs to the dead," says Quentin as zombies press at the door. The stairway reappears. 

Zombies overtake Barnabas. So much for vampire strength versus the sheer determination of zombies, and he yells for Julia to take the staircase. But the staircase is gone. She goes through a door and realizes she is in 1840. How will this end? I'm going to find out right now by watching the final episode. 

Reaction: That was heavy, sort of like the show went from being a horse and carriage to a supercharged Camaro. 

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