Thursday, March 2, 2017

Dark Shadows Episode 210

I will now begin watching Dark Shadows at episode 210 and watch the remaining 500 hours of the show. My mother used to watch it when I was a kid, but I couldn't possibly have been old enough to remember, then one year when I lived in Evanston and lived in a basement I watched it on Sci Fi Channel and periodically went to the Dominicks on Chicago to stock up on Maruchan Won Tons and Tab Cola. I'll have to do it without both of those products this time around as Maruchan no longer makes Instant Won Tons ans I can't drink Tab Cola with my medication. But here we go with episode 210. 

Episode 210 is where Willie Loomis becomes interested in the portrait of Barnabus Collins on the wall at Collinwood. It is said to be the real beginning of the supernatural episodes of the show. 

Only four characters in this episode, none of which I remember from the later story arcs I saw on Sci Fi in 2000. 

Willie Loomis becomes persona non grata at Collinwood. He is fired, and to be sent away, but before he can be found has entered the Collins family crypt to pry open the coffin of Naomi Collins. While attempting to do so he opens a door and we hear a heartbeat. The Dark Shadows theme comes up, and we go to commercial. When we return from what must have been a television commercial...

We see Willie Loomis excitedly working to remove the chains from a coffin. The heart beat continues, and after Willie excitedly pries open the lid of the coffin he recoils to find...

The Hand Of Barnabus Collins?

Interestingly Dan Curtis' name appears nowhere in the credits of this episode. Guess I'll have to watch episode 211 to see what happens. 

Interesting tidbit of trivia: the hand of Barnabus Collins is not portrayed by Jonathan Frid, but by Timothy Gordon. 

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