Thursday, March 2, 2017

Dark Shadows Episode 211: Meet Barnabas Collins

After 210 episodes we finally meet the character who will forever be known as the star of the series, Barnabas Collins. Trapped and chained in his coffin for 200 years, what will he do after being released from his horrific imprisonment by the rogue Willie Loomis? 

Trivia: Dan Curtis makes the credits as co-writer of this episode. Interestingly, the ring that is on Barnabas' left hand in the previous episode is on his right hand in the family portrait hanging on the wall at Collinwood. 

Is Elizabeth Collins Stoddard the only family member to inhabit Collinwood at this time? Why is this man 

What I learned: Barnabas Collins is the son of Joshua and Naomi Collins. He was supposedly buried in London, but was in reality buried in their crypt 200 years ago.

This episode mainly revolves around the search for Willie Loomis, who Elizabeth Stoddard wants banished from Collinwood forever. Not much else happens until there is a knock on the door...

Who can it be now?

He announces himself as Elizabeth Stoddard's cousin from England.

"Oh madam, if you would, you may tell her that it is Barnabas Collins."

What an iconic scene. And credits.

Dark Shadows is a Dan Curtis production

My mother would have been 14 when she saw this episode, if she did. Three years later she would be married to my father and I would have just been born. I think I'll save episode 212 for another time. Only 500 hours of episodes left to watch. 
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