Thursday, March 2, 2017

Dark Shadows Episode 213: The Blue Whale

Having watched almost twenty minutes of episode 213 of Dark Shadows it occurs to me this could almost be just another soap opera. The only thing that stands out is there are long scenes in The Blue Whale. And the music on the jukebox there is the only real solid indicator what year it might be. I suppose the clothes are also a hint, but after four episodes no one has turned on a television or gotten in an automobile. I wonder how much of this was a conscious choice to keep the timeline vague and how much is just limited budget. 

So this is the Blue Whale

Those who began watching at episode 210 as I did will meet several new characters at the Blue Whale, including Carolyn Stoddard, presumably mother of David and daughter of Elizabeth, who seems to be in a dysfunctional love triangle with two guys named Burke and Joe. I think the Burke guy was the stodgy father on Dharma and Greg. He's also got some sort of beef against the Collins family and was using Carolyn to fling it in their faces, although I'm not sure just whom the Collins family entails at this point, just Elizabeth, Carolyn, David, and now Barnabas are in the show. 

So, pretty standard and uninteresting episode except for the new characters, who I won't remember in about five minutes, anyway. On to episode 214. 

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