Sunday, March 5, 2017

Dark Shadows Episode 217: Willie's Mysterious "Illness"

Episode 217 of Dark Shadows begins with Willie Loomis writing in bed. Jason McGuire examines him, and the removes the bandage on his wrist. The wound appears to be no more than a scratch, but his arm has turned gray. It is as if the blood had been drained from his arm.

Carolyn tells Vicky that Willie looks like a different person, a person who doesn't want to hurt anyone, and doesn't want to be hurt by anyone.

"Don't let it get dark again. I'm scared."

Victoria brings Willie a tray of food, which he shows no interest in, and Jason McGuire witnesses him fall into a deep sleep. As he leaves the room Willie awakens. It is now dark. He goes to the window and seems to answer the call of some master who beckons him. Could it be?

Jason catches Willie trying to leave the new house and confronts him. Willie says he just has to leave this house. Jason tries to coax him back upstairs, but Willie bolts from the house.

Interestingly, we hear the sound of a car being started and driving off, but no car is seen. We then hear the sound of a car slowing down and someone getting out at the cemetery, but once again, no car is seen. 

Jason follows Willie to the cemetery and witnesses him entering the Collins family crypt. Willie trips the mechanism that open the door to the secret crypt where he first found Barnabas Collins' coffin. Jason follows.

Unable to find Willie in the small, enclosed crypt, Jason seems to become bewildered and frightened. He leaves the crypt and we hear the sound of heartbeats. 

This is two consecutive episode with no appearance from Barnabas Collins, instead focusing almost entirely on the "sickness" of Willie Loomis. I got an answer to my query about cars. Maybe they will be shown later in the series, and they're certainly in the two movies, but so far the action is confined to four locations. On to episode 218. 

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