Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Dark Shadows Episode 218: Will Barnabas Move In?

"There are those who walk the path of darkness. Those who can never be good."

So opines Victoria Winters in the introduction to episode 218 of Dark Shadows. 

Will Barnabas Collins return in this episode?

The question is answered early in the episode as Barnabas has his eyes on Jason McGuire after he exits the Collins crypt where Willie Loomis seemed to disappear.

Meanwhile at the New House Roger and Elizabeth discuss inviting Barnabas to stay, unaware he has been staying at the Old House all along. 

As they discuss Barnabas, he arrives at the door, and Roger asks him where he has been staying. They invite him to stay at the New House, but he counterproposes that he'd like to stay at the Old House. They say it in in decay and uninhabitable. Barnabas disagrees. Barnabas gives an impassioned speech about his branch of the family and he feels such a connection to the Old House. 

Barnabas encourages Roger to talk Elizabeth into letting him stay at the Old House. Meanwhile, she has gone to ask Jason McGuire about Willies' whereabouts. She tells him she is going to end the nonsense, but he once again threatens her with going to the police. What is the secret they are hiding in the basement?

Roger Collins withdraws to get an address for a shipyard Barnabas intends to visit, and Jason McGuire enters the room. He meets Barnabas, and insists the two have met before. Have they? 

Jason remarks he has head some unusual stories about Barnabas Collins the ancestor. Barnabas asks what sort of stories, and Jason says he was supposed to have been buried with all his jewelry. Jason slyly insinuates that someone buried with such a cache of jewelry might invite a grave robber, seeming to indicate he has put two and two together and suspects Willie Loomis may have disturbed Barnabas' coffin and fallen prey to his vampirism. 

Will the two become foes? If so it seems Jason McGuire is destined to get the short end of that stick. But who knows.

Vampire rules: In one scene Barnabas exits the tomb and places his hand upon a stone cross. Does this violate the vampire's terms of service, or does the cross only apply to certain situations?

Overall, a very weighty and entertaining episode. I learned that Roger claims he, Barnabas, and Elizabeth Stoddard are the three remaining members of the Collins family, although I am sure in future episodes more appear. Where do they come from? I guess I'll find out. On to episode 219. 

Question: Will Barnabas Collins ever appear in two consecutive episodes?

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