Thursday, March 9, 2017

Dark Shadows Episode 221: Barnabas Starts To Mingle

"Nightime in itself can be lonely. But then one gets used to loneliness. It's part of existence" says Barnabas Collins to Maggie Evans after he has surprised her at the cafe as she is closing. She invites him in to have a cup of coffee. She is quite surprised to learn he is a Collins. That is big news in Collinsport. 

Maggie Evans comments that Barnabas' cane is very unique, and probably valuable. He says it is his prized possession, and quite valuable. Then dogs, not wolves begin to howl, and Maggie Evans wonders why they are baying so much lately. Barnabas says he wonders, too, slyly.

After Barnabas leaves Joe Haskell shows up and says he and Maggie should go to the Blue Whale, but as he says it Maggie discovers Barnabas has left his cane at the cafe. Maggie says they should return it to Barnabas that night, and Joe agrees. Joe wonder why the dogs are kicking up such a fuss.

Sidenote: Think I might watch Mannix and ride my Schwinn Airdyne after this.

The door to the Old House opens, and Maggie and Joe enter. No one appears to be home. They notice the candles are burning and conclude someone must be there. Barnabas startles Maggie again, and Barnabas is surprised to learn Joe Haskell is with Maggie. They leave quickly, and Willie appears and questions Barnabas while they were there and what he plans to do with Maggie.

The episode concludes with Barnabas forcing Willie out to feed again, and Maggie Evans telling Joe Haskell she has the feeling that someone is staring at her, someone she can't see. 

At two episodes a night my rudimentary math skills tell me I have two years of this still to go.

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